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Week 28; time for Gladiolus

On the Dutch floral calendar week 27 through 29 are reserved for the Gladiolus. Here are some fun facts about the Gladiolus:


What Does the Gladiolus Flower Mean?
The gladiolus flowers symbolize honor and remembrance, but it has other meanings too. It can also symbolize:

strength of character,
sincerity and integrity,
never giving up.

Gladioli were considered the flower of the gladiators and have long been associated with swords. These stately flowers are used in floral displays at special celebrations and are a favorite in country gardens. 

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What about the colors of the Gladiolus ...
Its not so much that there is a spcific meaning for every color. However the different colors do have symbolism or traditional meaning.

Red – Love and Passion
Pink – Femininity, compassion motherly love
White – Innocence and purity
Yellow – Cheerfulness and compassion
Purple – Charm, grace and mysteriousness

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